A New Breed of Diapers

    There are many diaper choices in this world & a lot have become “organic”. As parents we all need to find our niche. My niche happens to be

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. The Parasol Diaper Company is located in California (what isn’t these days) & they pride themselves on family, safety, and being eco-conscious. The company itself is almost to their 1 year anniversary, so they are very NEW. Like all things in life we do not get it right the first time. You have to work hard and with time you become better and produce better materials. This company is one I believe in and will stay by their side as they continue to blossom. The picture below is my little cutie rock’n Parasol on the Bum.16110731_927177114085313_8896198943122128896_n

    They function similarly to the Honest Company in the way that you go about purchasing the diapers. With that said, there are a lot of things that set them apart from the Honest Co and other organics in general. Most of them are positive. 


  • smart Drylock technology
  • super soft top layer that is like none other I have seen or felt
  • super absorbent without extra swelling that we all hate
  • cost efficient for an organic diaper
  • they use sustainable forests to leave less of a carbon footprint
  • they commission artists to design the diaper print for each collection
  • for $5 you can order a trial kit- 8 diapers and a pack of travel wipes(20 count)
  • two subscription options (diapers & wipes OR just diapers)
  • gifting subscription options
  • also sells packs on Amazon
  • super easy to change subscription frequency 3-6 weeks
  • super easy to pause or cancel subscription
  • SAFE products & ingredients
  • wipes are impossible to tear, larger than Honest wipes
  • overall diaper is light weight and so so so soft!


  • sometimes the tabs tear off due to the velcro tab being too strong
  • the back of the diaper does NOT have elastic on it, prevents it from being held up against the childs back for a snug fit. Babyganics & Honest have this feature, its amazing and very necessary. If

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     would add this feature this would make them the #1 organic diaper, blowing all others out of the water.

  • needs to use stronger tape for shipping

    Overall, this diaper is an excellent choice. I could write a novel about them but why do that when they have an awesome website? Click the purple links above or below and it will answer any questions you have. If that still doesn’t clarify something for you IM them! It will be easy to find in the bottom right hand corner, because they will IM you first once you arrive on their page. You can also check out their FB, Twitter, and IG under Parasol Co. I have created a closed Parasol Co group as well, so feel free to join. 

Send me your email and you will receive $20 off your first months subscription. 

Parasol Diapers & Wipes Subscription

“>Check them out now!



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• Taken by JellyNicole 



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