Research your products

     Just because something seems popular and the norm does not mean you should jump on the band wagon too. When we were in the hospital recovering the nurse showed us how to wash our little babe. The products being used were Johnson & Johnson. When we got home I really wanted to go all organic, because I wanted the best and healthiest for my love. (I’m also a supporter of helping the planet; but I am not an extremist to clarify.) Anyways, my husband wanted me to use what the hospital was using because; well it was the hospital and they had to be pointing us in the safest direction right? After a few times of using the products at home I noticed her skin looking weird with little red spots. When we took her to her first pediatric appointment or maybe it was her second, I don’t remember because I lived there for the first 3 months of her life haha. I was convinced she was always dying. (New mom problems). The pediatric doctor told us to stop using Johnson & Johnson, that it is too harsh and the perfumes in the products are bad. So we switched to her suggestions either Aveno or Cetaphil unscented for now. They work perfect. I now use Burts Bees original and I love it. The doc also approves. 

    Now I already knew about baby powder causing ovarian cancer, because of the talcum. The commercials on TV are hard to ignore. What I did not know was that there are other chemicals being used that could cause other cancers. The two in question is formaldehyde CDC (yes the stuff they embalm the dead with) and 1,4-Dioxane.CDC Please do your research and read ingredients in the products you use. Get second opinions if you have doubts. We only have one body, let’s take care of it AND let’s take care of our babies body, because they cannot right now. I will attach the article for you all to read. Awesome Jelly





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