Yuck Another “Mommy” Blogger

   Yep that’s right another “Mommy” blogger. You critics are probably disgusted and rolling your eyes right now. You assume that all I do, all day long is sit on my ass watching trash TV, eating bonbons, and blogging about senseless bullshit; while ignoring my child. You think I am too consumed in social media thinking that I am going to become rich & famous, while large companies offer me free handouts; that I then do reviews on pretending like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. All while advertising these free handouts to other new parents who do not know their ass from a hole in the ground.

   Well, I hate to tell you that you described me to the “T”. Congratulations. You know me so well, that perhaps I should have married you instead. 


    While I am sure that there are some woman out there in this world that has or still operates this way (otherwise you would not have these judgments correct?) I my “Dear,” do not function this way. 

    First off, I am a new parent that does not know their ass from a hole in the ground right now. No my sweet child is not being ignored, I am actually one hell of a mother, that is married to her one hell of a father. I wish I had some bonbons, would you buy me some? Look I have no clue what I am doing with this “Mommy” blog, if you want to refer to it as that (I would rather not, unless its in a hashtag). Yes, I am a “mother” that has a blog. I am also many other things. My intentions are to target other parents yes. I feel like I can offer advice from my life experiences to them. I can offer resources that helped me navigate through life.  I can offer humor, because lets face it, this world is not what it once was. I can offer a shoulder to lean on, an ear that’s listening. I can help other parents and even other people in general (because I am not biased) be better & happier human beings if given the chance. 

    Well, who would do that for free? Nothing is done without motive!

    Yes, this is true. Every thing we do in life has a motive, otherwise we would not do anything. A “motive,” does not have to have a negative connotation. My motive is to help others, in return it helps me. It is my therapy. I enjoy this. It is a hobby right now. I suffer from severe anxiety, depression & PTSD. I use therapy as my main method of healing, but I also find writing and helping others very healing too. It feels good to know that others need me or look to me for guidance.

    That is my motive. It is not a bad thing. 

    With that said, if business opportunities arise from this I am for that. I would like to turn this into a legit thing down the road. To be a Public Figure, to go give speeches on parenting, abuse, & mental wellness. I would love to have my own brand, & who wouldn’t like to make money doing something they love? What person doesn’t like handouts in return for reviews?

    BUT, it has to be done the RIGHT way. I will not put my mission secondary to these things first of all. I will not compromise my integrity and honesty by supporting companies or products that I do not BELIEVE in. I “all caps” the word believe, because some products my not be perfected the first time, but I would still support and believe in them if they are a new company that is evolving such as, Parasol Co for example. It is clear that I have a lot to learn. I need & want to go back to college for a different degree since my medical background is not going to get me far in this setting. All of this takes time. It is a journey that I am going to take, and only the future will show us the outcome. 

    So, no critic’s I am not another “Mommy” blogger. I am Jelly Nicole – a mother, wife, friend,  & advice giving blogger who happens to like cuss words.



P.S. Now kindly go find where the “bear shit in the buckwheat”.


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