Media URL & Name Changes

super-small    There have been changes made to my social media accounts. I apologize for any inconvenience it has caused followers or companies that are reviewing these said accounts. I understand that this can be confusing and frowned upon; moving forward things should be pretty set in stone, unless certain accounts require a varied name due to availability. 

    We all like symmetry, which is why I have made my accounts as alike as I can. I will be adding a service here in the future and needed to make sure that the names I use pertain to the idea behind each account and that they all come together cleanly. Please stick with me as I learn the do’s and do not’s.

*Accounts As Follows*

  • Facebook Page: Mothering With Jelly @motheringwithjelly 
  • Instagram: USER NAME motheringwithjelly NAME MotheringWithJelly
  • Twitter: MotheringwithJelly @motheringwjelly
  • Blog Name: Mothering With Jelly
  • Youtube Channel: Mothering With Jelly – no custom URL at this time
  • Watermark: JellyNicole or motheringwithjelly or logo
  • Email: – no changes



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