Dear Baby Roo

Check out our new spin off! Posts will be made daily. Accounts are made for diary purposes so our daughter can read when she’s older. Gota keep up with changing times. She also has a legit baby book that is used for items and really personal posts, but this is a neat idea since it will always be on the internet! Heaven forbid a natural disaster happens and we loose it all ya know? We will always have these accounts. When she’s older she can always make them private or delete them if she wants ( I hope she doesn’t) but I will make sure I print all the pic quotes I make and create a book with them. It will be so cute! I hope friends and family will leave her visitor posts on her FB page too! It will mean a lot since we move states so much. She is such a special little girl. 

You all are welcome to like, follow, and share 💕

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