Don’t loose sight of your priorities 

    Wow it’s been a long time since I have wrote to you all. Sometimes we need to take a step back & focus on things that need a higher priority in our life. In my case it is my daughter & my mental well being. I don’t want her seeing her Mum Mum looking down at her cell phone all the time. The older she gets (7 months) now the more aware of her surroundings she is. It’s nice to have them graduate from the sack of potatoes stage (haha), at the same time it saddens me, because time is flying by way to fast. 

    Piper deserves to have her mothers full attention when she is awake, so the social media, blogging, & cellphone use needs to be kept to a bare minimum or completely put away during those times. Then when she is asleep or cat napping sometimes I just want to bask in the silence and enjoy me time. I know for a fact that anyone with a child understands this. I have blogs lined up that I want to write on & will in time. Writers know these are time consuming so due to my limited time they will come when they come. I would like to set a goal for now to achieve one blog a month. The older she gets & has more time with friends the more blogs I can write. When I started this Piper slept ALOT & as a new mother I was under the impression that I could devote hours a day to this new venture. I am now seeing that’s not the case. I got burnt out, & shut down. That’s not fair to the people who support me so I will try to do better & keep you in the loop. 

    So for now expect to see something once a month & thanks for your patience. 



P.S. If you take anything away from this post, please let it be that your children should always come before any electronic device. Don’t be that statistic. Don’t be that parent that is glued to their phone or tv ❤️

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