Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

    Sometimes we need to sit back and evaluate our lives. As you get older you realize the value of the relationships that you hold with people & that time does come to an end quicker than you think; sometimes in the blink of an eye.

    We all get so consumed with our own lives that we forget to tend to our relationships with others outside of our immediate family. We think “I’ll hang out with them tomorrow, I’ll see them next week, or it’s OKAY next month.” The thing is is that tomorrow, next week, next month can turn into a year and the next thing you know that person you care about is in the hospital & doesn’t come home. 

    Sure you had 1,000,000 excuses at the time as to why you didn’t make time for them, and yes you have obligations in your own life, but in reality NO ONE is that busy that they can’t make time for their friends or loved ones.

    Why do we suddenly make time for the people we care about when they are moving away, sick, or dying? Why weren’t we there for them when they were healthy or living down the road from you when they could fully enjoy your company? Just some words of advice. I was going to post this months ago but it was too raw for me to deal with. I know its not exactly about being a parent but it all ties into taking care of the ones we love & teaching our children how to tend to their relationships properly. Stop making excuses & stop relying on social media as a crutch. Go see your friends & loved ones in person. Make memories & laugh. Do Not wait until its time to say Good Bye. 



In Loving Memory Of Mr. Rosamond Leon Tubbs

You will forever carry a special place in my heart. 


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